Frequently Asked Questions by Queen’s Landing Residents

Q. What is the purpose of covenants and violations?


A. We are required to maintain a baseline of acceptable changes and behaviors in order to make our community more popular and aesthetically pleasing. This enhances the value of our homes and is quite normal in most condominium and a lot of single-family home communities.



Q. What is the purpose of regular assessments and special assessments?


A. Regular assessments, or HOAs, cover the operating costs of the community, such as snow plowing, grass cutting, pool repair and operation, and so forth. Special assessments are occasionally necessary for major repairs or catastrophic losses not generally covered by insurance.



Q. Where can I find information on trash pickup and recycling?


A. All trash is to be contained in heavy-duty well secured trash bags and placed in an easily accessible place in front of the unit after sunset during the evening prior to trash pick-up day. Trash cans are not permitted curbside in front of the units and will not be picked up by our Contractor.


Trash/garbage may not be stored longer than the next trash pick-up day. Trash containers for deposits of trash are available for weekend and non-pick-up days at the maintenance area. Trash cans are not permitted at individual units.





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